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You need to get her in the right frame of mind, which means getting her trust you and also presenting yourself as being a witty persona appealing. Women you meet online will, without doubt also have some bad experiences with nasty men. So if you jump straight in without attempting to invest any emotional time and energy to get acquainted with her she’s going to let down you in double quick time.

Know that your power is yours with out you can take it from you. Don’t let your spouse manipulate you or treat that suits you a male masturbator unless it is just a fetish of yours. Even then establish clear rules and adhere to them. Your partner is there to pleasure you and you are there to pleasure him/her. That’s where the partnership starts and ends. You have equal say in everything and never let your lover take away your power.

Its not (in my opinion) to impress (I have not a clue who’d be impressed with being referred to as a bitch, or possibly a whore by the stranger)…its, sometimes, to intimidate and provoke, as I described. Have you ever held it’s place in a disagreement with someone..they’re angry and then they very cleverly twist the argument back on you..to deflect the eye onto you and *your* anger back at them – and from their anger? Thats what I’m speaking about…at times here that is certainly the thing it seems like. They feel eligible to a yes…they dont get that consider getting angry inside themselves, so attempt to twist it (provoke an angry reaction) which means you would be the, as I said, ‘bad guy’..not them. I have had another ‘angle’ happen with this in mind too…once or twice, when Ive been grossly insulted following a ‘no’..when Ive stood up and said Oi..I didnt deserve that – I’ve then received an apology. Its bizarre…first message, respectful..next message firing up fiercely at me. Then to ‘respect’ once they get pulled up gay hookup sites over it. Thats one I havent quite worked out yet..lol.Ive heard about the famous NTF list..personally, thats my block list. No second chances..its the place that the namecallers, dick pics, and timewasters go, not to be viewed again lol.As for ‘playing the game’…no game playing here by me…thats not my style.Thanks for the respectful dialogue using this type of topic.

My first question will be, how solid was the relationship firstly? Most couples I speak to find their relationship only becomes stronger once they start swinging. If you’ll find problems, then regardless of what kind of relationship they may be in, traditional or swinger, people falling in love with people happens. The question then becomes where do you turn about it?

Every woman has their ideal hookup fantasy: the direction they see their night picking, in this instance, you. It may be pretty tame; on the other hand, she may be a total tiger. Having this information in advance sure could be nice, wouldn’t it? But you aren’t a mind reader. So what are you gonna do?

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